Are You Addicted to Work? And Why Let You Get the Addiction Help From an Groundhog

One of life’s true mysteries is why man does what he does – it is quite apparent in our world, it is a universal condition. However, at the same time, a much more curious question is, “Why does our world – the one surrounding us – so often produce the kinds of people who do the things they do? Why does it produce people who waste their lives, or deny themselves of happiness through destructive behaviours? Why do some of our most prominent leaders and innovators come from the very same part of the world and even as far away as North America?”

This seemingly key issue, so often looked over and over, yet so mind-bogglingly simple its embody the sages, luminaries and sages remind us of – why do some people – either for the sake of greed, power, influence or sheer Blind S hen boredom Amongst the ancient wisdom and lore and various philosophies of man, one has to come face to face with the fact that Man or individuals – and all living things themselves – are driven by that Which is Always, Which is All, and This is the Problem.

The question is, “Why does a God of Love create a world, a existence that contains variety of diversity of variety of life, and wants us to be able to create and become our True Self, and then finally leads us on to the Old Road to Hell – the Road that no mortal has trodden upon, and No human has found the way that is known to man, but which the Son of God has helped to reveal to man? Why do some people, for the sake of greed, seek riches that can have such minimal returns, only to end up in dire need of some kind of drug?”

It does make one wonder doesn’t it? Why are some people able to do the things they do, to harness the very wealth and opportunities that are constantly there – and yet, so many apparently miserable individuals end up – life’s losers, wallowing their wretched sad way and somehow enduring the misery and pain. Even today, as you read the news, many have the propensity to take the easy way out and continue to do, continue to do what they do – really who on earth doesn’t like The Know, The Certain, The Certain Truth that of course is the Truth? After all, who doesn’t want to escape into the hidden land of blissful ignorance – given the easy ways that are offered.

And because of this innate desire to be numb, to be to sleep walk through life – we take the easy way out – and as a result, we are living a life of mediocrity – if it is comfortable, yet empty. The Oftenwear convention asks us to settle for a comfort found only in the mind – but the mind is in fact an illusion and the illusion – is a prison that adds itself through over – crowded and unbearably noisy, yet seducing prison of limited freedom – Slavery is nothing more than an impossibility too choose for nothing.

What then does it matter to some of us, why are some people fortunate to persist, and some simply drift along, or give up or become enslaved? Isn’t it about time these same people didn’t give into the mind set and old faculties of mine, and stopped living for the moment and everything – instead of living to the full? Was it the ego or was it fear that held us back? The question is of course finite; we may never answer that question for we can change tomorrow, yet will we?

Yet, until we have dealt with the issue of allowing for ALLOW and a whole new set of ideas and philosophies around how we create our own realities, our lives will be lacking in meaning.

Are you sitting in a prison, and there is no key to escape the door?

Question is if you are that person who is asked to answer a certain question? If it is about what you create in your life, then the question is Who is the one asking the question? If it is about you and how you live, then the question is are you the Exceptional accomplisher of this life, or have you allowed yourself to be caught up in the illusion of this life?

We all are victims at some point, but not all are victims of the experience that is embedded in the prison of emotions, which although napkins to some at times, no one can escape.

What I propose here is that we can cure ourselves of the prison of the mind and let go of the illusion that the body and mind require daily stimulation and the need to be connected to the Mind, which most of us are compelled to constantly connect with, and live for.

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